Thursday & Friday, October 21/22, 2021

SmileFy App Smile Designer Certification

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Course Content:

In this intensive 2-day hands-on course you will aim to create and deliver facially guided digital wax-ups using natural-looking 3D teeth shapes to perform final anterior restorations (Composite and Porcelain Veneers).

​At the end of the course, the dental professional will be able to:

– Take Proper Facial Picture to conduct facial/dental esthetic analysis
– Use 2D Smile Simulations as a marketing and visualization tool
– Initiate digital treatment plans using 3D Smile Designs – from digitalizing the patient to selecting natural teeth shapes and morphologies
– Create 3D design wax-ups for Injected technique
– Customize digital wax-ups as it relates to each case and treatment at hand for optimal results
– Export and print smile prototypes to perform mock-up trials
– Perform functional tests and adjustments on the mockup to create a blueprint of the final restorations
– Collaborate with a dental technician to deliver effective communication

Once Digital Smile Designs are created on SmileFy, the digital mockups and natural teeth files can be imported into any software that incorporates .STL files.

Two Training Days                           LIMITED SEATS!


Why take this course?

With any functional aesthetic driven dental treatment it is important to begin with an understanding of the end result. From picture taking to smile designs and 3D digital wax-up, the dental professional will be able to effectively communicate with the patient and dental technician to produce more precise treatment outcomes and reduce overall chair-side time.

About Instructor About Instructor Diogo Alves, DDS, Clinical Content

Specialist for the SmileFy Academy Dr. Alves is a post-graduate in Implantology and Implant prosthodontics from the Federal University of Paraná, Brazil. Dr. Alves works as a Clinical Content Specialist for the SmileFy Academy and is actively involved in teaching how to implement digital smile planning through facial and dental analysis to deliver minimally invasive treatment plan options that are patient’s focused.